Module for inserting an ad unit into the middle of an article in Drupal 8.

I present a simple module for inserting an ad unit in the middle (approximately in the middle) of the article for Drupal 8. The module is in the initial development stage, so there are no visibility settings for the block for different user roles.

Links in Drupal 8. Module CKEditor Anchor Link.

For more convenient addition of links in CKeditor'e Drupal'a you can use the module CKEditor Anchor Link. The installation and configuration process is standard for add-ons to CKeditor (no additional libraries are required). Visually the adjustment is shown on the module page (the link is shown above).

Code highlighting in Drupal 8.

There appeared (in my view) the module CKEditor CodeSnippet. To highlight the syntax of programming languages. Prior to that, I used a module that integrated the geshi filter into drupal. He did not work as smoothly as he would have liked. Therefore, I did not hesitate to switch to a new module that integrates CodeSnippet CKEditor  with drupal.